Poor Dentition

Poor dentition can produce locations for sequestration of small particles of food which may become saturated with alcohol. During forced expiration the alcohol or the particles themselves may become dislodged contaminating the breath specimen. Additionally, poor dentition can produce inflammation with its concomitant increase in temperature and blood flow to the mouth. This increase in blood flow would bring with it an increased flow of alcohol to this area; a further additional possible source of contamination to the breath.

This contamination of the breath specimen would lead to an erroneous elevation on evidentiary breath testing. It is important to note that it would take only a minuté amount of alcohol to cause an elevation on evidentiary breath testing. This is due to the fact that the machine multiplies the amount of alcohol that it receives 2100 times due to the 2100 to 1 breath to blood ratio.

Recent dental work constitutes trauma to the oral cavity and is accompanied by an inflammatory response.  This will change speech and contaminate a breath specimen.

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